Recordings plenary lectures

Plenary Lecture 1, Bob Gregory Lecture:
Jessica Pan (National University of Singapore)
Children and the Remaining Gender Gaps in the Labor Market

Plenary Lecture 2, SOLE Fellows Lecture:
Petra Todd (University of Pennsylvania)
The Best of Both Worlds: Combining RCTs with Structural Modeling
Paper: Paper Todd

Plenary Lecture 3, Al Rees Lecture:
Michael Keane (University of New South Wales)
Recent Advances in Labor Supply: Implications for Tax and Transfer Policy
Slides: Al Rees Lecture SOLE 2020

Plenary Lecture 4, IAB-sponsored Lecture:
James Heckman (University of Chicago)
American Inequality and Social Mobility Viewed Through a Danish Prism

Plenary Lecture 5, Frisch-Tinbergen Lecture:
Erik Plug (University of Amsterdam)
What Do We Know about the Earnings of Sexual Minorities
Slides: Frisch Tinbergen Lecture 2020