Types of presentations

Parallel sessions:
Presenters in parallel sessions have 20 minutes for their presentation and about 2,5 minutes for answering questions. All session rooms will be completely equipped (computers, cables, screen,  etc.) for electronic presentations.

Parallel Flash Talks:
The use of “flash-talks” or variants thereof is spreading rapidly in the sciences because of their ability to convey in a short space of time what researchers want to know about a wide variety of recent work. In a FT a presenter has one slide and 5 minutes to present.  This is followed by 5 minutes of discussion and more discussion at the end of the session.  It’s as if the speaker responded to something like the following prompts:
– tell me something interesting;
– tell me what you are working on; and
– tell me why it is important.
In longer presentations economists are used to demonstrating (that our results are interpreted via economic theory, that we used the best possible data, applied of state of the art scientific methods, and that our results are robust).  In contrast, in a FT there is not enough time to demonstrate much and the emphasis is on telling. And, for many in the audience, this telling is exactly what they want to get out of the talk. After a brief explanation of the format by the chair, each speaker will have 5-minutes to present along with one slide and this will be followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Chairs will enforce the time/slide rule vigorously.  There will be a few minutes for additional discussion at the end.

Poster presentations:
Poster boards will be set up and your poster will be exposed during the scheduled poster session. You have 45 minutes to present your poster during this poster session. We offer that you can have your poster printed at the location. This service will be organized and is free of any costs.
Instructions about the format and deadline for delivering your poster file for printing will follow.

We will take care that your poster is  available on a poster panel shortly before the poster session starts and that it is removed afterwards. Your poster can be picked up at the registration desk after your presentation in case you would like to  keep it. Note however, that we cannot provide any packing materials for your poster.

Best Poster Award:
There will be prizes for the best poster(s) presented during the conference. The winner(s) will receive a money prize and a certificate. A jury evaluates the quality of the posters using mainly the following three criteria: clarity, self-explanatoriness and layout.
Instructions on how to submit your poster for the prize, will follow.

See also this  paper (not a poster!) about how to make a poster:  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2049080116301303