Information for presenters (poster & parallel sessions)

Type of presentations at EALE conferences

There are different ways to present research output at a conference. The usual way is through presentations in a parallel session in which 3 to 4 researchers present their work/results. At the end of the presentation there is time for questions.

In a poster session the researcher presents information through a poster. He/she waits for passing colleagues to briefly present his/her work and answer questions. There are pros and cons to each format. In a parallel session the size of the audience is limited. In a poster session the presenter has to tell his/her story more than once but the interaction between presenter and audience can be more intense.

At EALE conferences presentations in poster and parallel sessions have an equal quality level. To underline this, members of the Executive Committee of EALE will present in a poster session.

Information for presenters in a parallel session
All session rooms will be completely equipped (computers, cables, screen,  etc.) for electronic presentations. Presenters in parallel sessions  have 20 minutes for their presentation and about 5 minutes for a discussion with the audience and or answering questions.

Information for poster presenters
Poster boards will be set up and your poster will be exposed during the scheduled poster session. You have 45 minutes to present your poster during this poster session.

A0PaperWe offer that you can have your poster printed at the location. This service will be organized and is free of any costs. A pdf file of your poster for printing in size A0 in colour in portrait format should be received by the EALE secretariat on August 30, 2019.

Poster pdf’s received after that date cannot be printed anymore. Please note that you remain responsible for the contents of your poster. Double check your poster for mistakes before sending it to

The format of the document should be 841x1189mm  The resolution should be 300 dpi and the colour modus: CMYK

We will also take care that your poster is  available on a poster panel shortly before the poster session starts and that it is removed afterwards. Your poster can be picked up at the registration desk after your presentation in case you would like to  keep it. Note however, that we cannot provide any packing materials for your poster.

Best Poster Award: EALE grants a prize for the best poster. The winner will receive € 500 and a certificate. A jury evaluates the quality of the posters using mainly the following three criteria: clarity, self-explanatoriness and layout.

If you would like to take part in this competition, you need to send your poster PDF file to by August 30, 2019, for being considered for the Best Poster Award.   Executive Committee members of EALE will be excluded from the Poster Award Competition.

See also this  paper (not a poster!) about how to write a good poster: