Free access SI Labour Economics, Conference Uppsala 2019

Labour Economics

Volume 64 , June 2020

European Association of Labour Economists, 31st annual conference

Edited by Marco Caliendo

Editorial Board
Article Number 101870

Gender gaps and the structure of local labor markets
Article Number 101819
Barbara Petrongolo, Maddalena Ronchi

Search design and online job search – new avenues for applied and experimental research
Article Number 101820
Philipp A.T. Kircher

Peer diversity, college performance and educational choices
Article Number 101833
Arnaud Chevalier, Ingo E. Isphording, Elena Lisauskaite

Short- and long-term effects of class assignment: Evidence from a flagship university in Brazil
Article Number 101835
Rafael P. Ribas, Breno Sampaio, Giuseppe Trevisan

Buy flexible, pay more: The role of temporary contracts on wage inequality
Article Number 101814
Andrea Albanese, Giovanni Gallo

Switching from an inclining to a zero-level unemployment benefit profile: Good for work incentives?
Article Number 101816
Bart Cockx, Koen Declercq, Muriel Dejemeppe, Leda Inga, Bruno Van der Linden

Do job creation schemes improve the social integration and well-being of the long-term unemployed?
Article Number 101836
Boris Ivanov, Friedhelm Pfeiffer, Laura Pohlan

Do female politicians matter for female labor market outcomes? Evidence from state legislative elections in India
Article Number 101822
Sadia Priyanka

Gender, competitiveness, and task difficulty: Evidence from the field
Article Number 101815
Britta Hoyer, Thomas van Huizen, Linda Keijzer, Sarah Rezaei, … Bastian Westbrock

Children’s socio-emotional skills: Is there a quantity–quality trade-off?
Article Number 101811
Simon Briole, Hélène Le Forner, Anthony Lepinteur

Financial incentives, fertility and early life child outcomes
Article Number 101839
Simona Tudor

Peers’ parents and educational attainment: The exposure effect
Article Number 101812
Bobby W. Chung

Outsourcing recruitment as a solution to prevent discrimination: A correspondence study
Article Number 101838
Clémence Berson, Morgane Laouénan, Emmanuel Valat

Linguistic diversity and workplace productivity
Article Number 101813
Harald Dale-Olsen, Henning Finseraas

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