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We are pleased to invite all labour economists to submit papers for presentations at the 31st Annual Conference of the European Association of Labour Economists, to be held in Uppsala, 19-21 September, 2019.

The conference will take place in the University town of Uppsala, Sweden, organized by the Uppsala Center of Labor Studies (UCLS) in cooperation with the Department of Economics at Uppsala University and the Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy (IFAU).

Keynote speakers will be  Barbara Petrongolo, Queen Mary University and Philipp Kircher, European University Institute and University of Edinburgh.

In addition, there will be invited, parallel and poster sessions and invited flash talk presentations.

(Please read the instructions below for details and used topics while submitting your paper)

Type of presentations at EALE conferences
There are different ways to present research output at a conference. The usual way is through presentations in a parallel session in which 3 to 4 researchers talk about their work using a presentation program such as PowerPoint. At the end of the presentation there is time for questions. In a poster session the researcher presents information through a poster. Along with his/her fellow presenters, the researcher waits for passing colleagues to briefly present his/her work and answer questions. There are pros and cons to each format. In a parallel session the size of the audience is limited. In a poster session the presenter has to tell his/her story many times, but the potential audience is substantially larger and the interaction between presenter and audience can be more intense. At EALE conferences both formats are used and papers have the same status irrespective of the format. Papers presented in a poster session can be submitted to the special conference issue of Labour Economics and poster presenters can be rewarded with the Young Labour Economists’ Prize for the best paper at the conference. The council of EALE stimulates poster sessions by awarding a prize for the best poster presented at the conference.

Instructions for paper submission
You are invited to submit papers for this conference according to the list of themes below. A scientific program committee will evaluate all submitted papers. Papers should be submitted electronically using the online submission form.  Please take into account that your paper will be randomly assigned to either a poster or parallel session. The paper submission site will open on November 1, 2018. The submission deadline is February 1, 2019 at 23:59 Central European time. Papers must be submitted on-line.

Please note that:

  • no more than one submission by the same author will be considered.
  • To each paper an abstract must be added.
  • Both your abstract and complete paper should be submitted through the electronic submission process.
  • Only complete (draft) papers will be considered.
  • Complete all the required fields and enclose your complete paper as one pdf file (no tables, figures, etc. as separate files).
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail message after your submission has been completed. If you are not receiving this message or you receive an empty message then please contact us at
  • Acceptance decisions will be communicated by the  March 1, 2019.
  • Accepted papers will only be included in the final programme if presenting authors have registered by May 1, 2019.
  • Each participant may present at most one paper but may be a co-author of more than one paper in the programme.

Job market Candidates
Please follow the instructions given at

Special conference issue of Labour Economics
Authors of an accepted paper for this conference (either a poster or parallel presentation) will be invited shortly after the conference to submit their accepted and presented paper again for publication in the annual Conference Volume of the journal Labour Economics. Marco Caliendo (University of Potsdam) will be the guest editor of this special conference issue.

EALE Young Economist Award
The EALE grants an award of € 500 for an outstanding paper selected by a Scientific Committee. Researchers who have not completed their PhD yet, or have completed their PhD within three calendar years before the end of September 2019, are eligible for this Prize. Please note that your paper should be single authored.  If you meet the eligibility conditions and wish to be considered for the award, please tick the corresponding box on the paper submission form.

Best Poster Award
In addition to the Young Economist Award, EALE grants a Prize for the best poster as well. All actual presented posters will be automatically considered for the best poster award. For questions, please contact us at

List of Themes and JEL-Codes:

  • Fertility, Family, Marriage and Work (D13, J1)
  • Labour Market Discrimination (J7, J15, J16)
  • Retirement (J14, J26, J32)
  • Labour Supply and Taxation (H2, J22)
  • Labour Force and Employment (J21)
  • Labour Demand (J23)
  • Occupational Choice and Intergenerational Mobility (J44, J62) 
  • Education, Training and Human Capital (J24, J31, I2)
  • Econometric Methods for Policy Analysis (C)
  • Health (I1) 
  • Job and Life Satisfaction (J28)
  • Job Market Session (for job market candidates only)
  • Wage Inequality and Mobility (J3)
  • Personnel Economics (J31, J33, M5, M12)
  • Trade Unions and Bargaining (J5)
  • Unemployment (J6)
  • Migration and Regional Labour Markets (F22, J61, J42, J43, R23, R58)
  • Labour Markets in Transition Economies (P2, P3) 
  • Welfare, Income Distribution and Poverty (D3, I3) 
  • Labour Markets and Crime (K4)