Call for Candidates Elections 2020

EALE Elections 2020 for President and Executive Committee Member

Nominations Committee
Members: Stephen Machin, Jan van Ours, Christian Dustmann (chairperson).

Candidates are invited to run for the election of President or member of the Executive Committee of the EALE.

The term of office for our current President, Erik Plug will expire. This seat will become available for three years.

Executive Committee Member:
Five seats for three years each will become vacant for member of the Executive Committee of the EALE. The first term of office has expired for Arnaud Chevalier and Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano.  The maximum term of office will expire for Helena Skyt Nielsen,  Andrea Weber and Rafael Lalive. Candidates should be members of EALE and should indicate in writing that they will accept to serve on the Executive Committee. Candidates should be aware of their duties as described in the guidelines EC-member EALE.

Nominations should be sent for the attention of the chairperson of the election committee, Christian Dustmann ( The deadline for receipt of nominations is 31 December 2019.