Best Poster Award 2019

EALE grants an award (€ 500) for the best poster presented at the conference. This prize is awarded by a jury to the best designed poster presented at the conference. The jury evaluates the quality of the posters using mainly the following three criteria: clarity,  self-explanatory  and layout.

Prize Committee: Michèle Belot, Arnaud Chevalier, Kristiina Huttunen, Erik Plug

The 2019 winner of the Best Poster Award is:

Stefanie Schurer (University of Sydney), Mary-Alice Doyle, Sven Silburn

Does welfare quarantining lead to better birth outcomes in Aboriginal communities?Evidence on the unintended consequences of Australia’s major welfare reform.

Jury report: This very nice and clear designed poster presented the results of a very interesting paper on the adverse effects of a government policy implemented in Australia and targeting the aboriginal communities. The policy restricted the use of government transfers, banning them from being spent on alcohol or cigarettes for example. The authors find that the policy led to a worsening of birth outcomes in these communities, most likely because of increased tensions within families. The paper uses a clever empirical strategy and the poster presented carefully and clearly the analysis and results.

POSTER I.13 Schurer(n)