Best Poster Award 2018

EALE grants an award (€ 500) for the best poster presented at the conference. This prize is awarded by a jury to the best designed poster presented at the conference. The jury evaluates the quality of the posters using mainly the following three criteria: clarity,  self-explanatory  and layout.

Prize Committee: Michèle Belot, Arnaud Chevalier, Erik Plug, Núria Rodríguez-Planas

The 2018 winner of the Best Poster Award is:

Melanie Arntz (ZEW Mannheim), Sabrina Genz (IAB Nuremberg), Terry Gregory (ZEW Mannheim), Markus Janser (IAB Nuremberg), Florian Lehmer (IAB Nuremberg), Britta Matthes (IAB Nuremberg), Ulrich Zierahn (ZEW Mannheim)

Technology and jobs in the fourth industrial revolution- firm-level evidence Mollandgregory